If you know your slides need a major makeover, but you don’t know where to begin, Mike Robertson offers several levels of consultation/design that will make your slides the envy of screens and projectors everywhere. From a concise what-to-do list to a complete top-to-bottom redesign, there’s a solution for every situation and every budget. Better slides make for more successful pitches, increased audience attention, and greater, more memorable impact at those moments when you need to shine. Mike offers design services for PowerPoint as well as Keynote slides.

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What sort of help do you need?


Level 1: Quick & Nerdy — Mike will confer with you for one hour, suggesting needed changes and tweaks to your slide deck. This is a consult only and does not include any design work from Mike.



Level 2: Extra-Sensory Projection — Mike will take your existing slide deck of twelve slides or fewer and remake each slide into something beautiful and amazing. For larger decks, a firm estimate will be provided.

starting at $2500 for 12 slides


Level 3: Rock Slides — If you don’t currently use any slides at all, Mike will design a complete deck from scratch. You must provide audio or video of your presentation. Price is for a dozen slides; if more are needed, a solid estimate will be provided for the total package.

starting at $3500


Level 4: ONE-On-ONE with the slide ruler — Mike accepts a limited number of clients who want personal instruction in creative slide design. These lessons are done online in one-hour sessions.

$500/hour with minimum of 10 sessions



Mike Robertson is a creative genius! If you want your key messages to make an impact, have him create a visual experience that will not be forgotten! He is a delight to work with and exceeded my expectations!

Rita B. Craig, sphr, shrm-scp

I don’t squeal very often, but I did so with delight when Mike Robertson unveiled my revamped slides. Who knew that one could get so excited about SLIDES?!? I’d received compliments before about my slides, but now they’ve graduated to a whole new level thanks to the genius of Mike Robertson. Even though I’m fairly savvy with slide creation, it would have taken me countless hours to not only learn how to implement Mike’s tips and tricks, but it would also have taken me a heck of a lot of time to find the perfect graphics, font and colors for each slide. Mike saved me time and made my slides look like I belong at a whole new fee level. Thank you, Mike!

— Helene Segura, The Inefficiency Assassin

San Antonio, TX

To say he blew me away with his brilliance and creativity would be an understatement. He took the time to get to know me, what I talk about and what’s driving my passion for my speaking topic. From there, he set about bringing my vision to life and I’m pleased to say that he absolutely did!

—  Ruth K. Ross

San Francisco, CA

I knew my slides didn’t match the expertise of what I was presenting on stage. Grateful to meet Mike Robertson and utilize his talents for making my slides, PowerPoint, and images congruently fit the branding and style I’m showcasing, creatively take existing pieces to a higher level, and for making me look cooler than I really am. I highly recommend his work!

—  Jason Hewlett

Mike is an artist. He took my PowerPoint slides to a level I wasn’t even aware existed. When he unveiled his work, some of the slides had me on the verge of tears. They were exciting, moving, and engaging.

—  Joe Serio

speaker, trainer, author

Wanna see some examples of before & after slide makeovers? Click HERE!

Mike recently did an episode of Phil Gerbyshak’s great video podcast, Conversations with Phil. Click the image at left to see amazing examples of the slides Mike can create for you, and hear him talk about WHY it’s important.